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Phenomena Journal – OJS Platform

A neuroscience and psychology journal based on the open source OJS platform.

Phenomena Journal approached our company because he always heard the answer ‘can’t do’ to all his implementation requests. Thanks to our nature as developers, we reassured the client of our ability to identify, understand and solve any problems arising from the required changes and updates to the platform, and so our collaboration began and has been stable for more than 3 years now.

A new graphic design.

OJS themes require a development capability that cannot only rely on a graphics team, as the engine itself that creates the template files splits the elements at different points in the code, in addition to the very difficulty of having to recompile the assets from time to time.


Another request from the Phenomena Journal team was the activation of the MultiLanguage capability to enable foreign readers to find their way around the document section and to be able to read the publication methods.

Latest version upgrade

We upgraded the system by migrating the content to the latest version available, creating a new clone portal to which we migrated and allowed the client to verify the accuracy of the data within it before publishing the updated site in production

Addition of Sub-sections

Another request from the Phenomena Journal team was the extension of the sections with the creation of more categories within them so that the data can be better structured.

Docker Containerization

The code is organised on a container architecture, where each functional area of the architecture is maintained within its own container. This allows both the processes isolation and their execution to be abstracted from the server infrastructure on which they run, making it easy to replicate the system for development, testing and debugging purposes. The entire cycle of container creation, code updating and management is managed through a proprietary system that simplifies and automates container operations.

Performance Hosting

The OJS platform is hosted at our infrastructure on a dedicated server and backed up on an hourly basis.


Upgrade of a neuroscience and psychology journal based on the OJS open source platform.

  • Strategy

    Analysis and debugging on test platform

  • Design

    Clean design and highly readable font

  • Client

    Phenomena HUB aps

  • Technologies

    OJS, Docker

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