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Gruppo Pellicola – CRM System

Enabling its sales staff to process cloud-based quotations for validation by the Commercial Director.

Il Gruppo Pellicola commissioned the development of a dedicated system for the creation and management of quotations, with the possibility of incorporating some typical features of CRM systems for customer management, including:

Implemented functions

  • customer and contact address book;
  • product and service registry;
  • management of images, logos, signatures to be applied;
  • advanced quote editor (complex structure with multi-level entries, sections, subtotals);
  • PDF document export;
  • localisation system for issuing multilingual quotations and translation editor;
  • ACL system with role and permission management to regulate access to functions in a precise and granular manner.

Stack used

  • Laravel (backend PHP)
  • Livewire (Dynamic UI)
  • Tailwind (CSS)
  • Alpine (JS)
  • Filament (Administrative panels tool)
  • PestPHP (Test tool)
  • PhpStan (Static Analysis)
  • Pint (Code Style fixer)

CI/CD system

In order to simplify and accelerate the development cycle of the platform, a pipeline of Continuous Integration (frequent and automatic integration of changes to the source code) and Continuous Deployment (rapid and downtime-free delivery of the updated code to the production system) has been set up.
Each phase is subject to a preliminary check of the formal and functional correctness of the source code, in order to detect any bugs and/or weak points in the code as soon as possible.

Docker Containerization

The code is organised on a container architecture, where each functional area of the architecture is maintained within its own container. This allows both the processes isolation and their execution to be abstracted from the server infrastructure on which they run, making it easy to replicate the system for development, testing and debugging purposes. The entire cycle of container creation, code updating and management is managed through a proprietary system that simplifies and automates container operations.


Creating a cloud-based quotation system with some of the typical CRM functionalities

  • Strategy

    We identified the functions required by the customer and developed the interface with the least distraction sharing it with the customer before starting the development process.

  • Design

    Clean design with soft colours and few interactive elements agreed with the customer.

  • Client

    Gruppo Pellicola S.R.L.

  • Technologies

    Laravel, Tailwind CSS, Alpine-js, Docker, Filament

Open Project

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