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Molitecnica Sud – New Site Design

Molitecnica Sud is part of the Gruppo Pellicola and we imagined a new corporate image with the aim of completely renewing the brand.

The communication focus was shifted to the design and construction technologies of the milling plants, rather than on the attachment to the origins, communicating the evolution in a modern key of the professionalism and know-how that have always distinguished the company on the Italian scene.

Youthful Leadership

Right from the start, the client wanted to communicate that the main requirement was a change of pace and the strong youthful connotation of the new corporate course. It was decided to focus everything on a fresh communication but at the same time based on an impactful image with clear lines. The opening slider was created by breaking down one of the designs developed by the company with Autodesk Inventor to render the effect of development through several fading layers.

Focus on Design Skills

The new content developed in 2023 focused on the different design capabilities offered by the company, in order to facilitate the matching of demand and proposed supply.

Tailor-made Solutions

With the 2023 updates, the communication has shifted to a specific product offer divided into areas of focus (sectors). In this way, the visitor can easily identify solutions for mills, pasta factories or bakeries.


Reinventing the corporate image by focusing on new technologies and pre- and post-acquisition customer care.

  • Strategy

    Rebranding, Interface and User Experience

  • Design

    Interface and User Experience, Art Director

  • Client

    Molitecnica Sud s.r.l.

  • Technologies


Open Project

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