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Inbibo Ltd – Custom E Commerce

Build an e-commerce portal able to simultaneously manage the activation and management of sold licenses.

London-based Inbibo Ltd. contacted us to create web software not on the market: “an integrated system that could sell and manage their software products licenses. To meet this need, we created a tailor-made product equipping them with a competitive advantage over their competitors.

Laravel development

The e-commerce site was entirely built on the Laravel framework, and many integrations and developments were made to meet the level of performance and automation requested by the client.

Lime Lm

Once the purchase of the licensed product has been made, the system contacts the Lime LM API to generate a unique serial that will be associated with the MAC of the user workstation. By the integration we have implemented, purchased license type and quantity are managed, and after purchase will appear in the user’s personal area of the site where it will be possible to manage all aspects involved in, Renewal, Cancellation, Suspension, Expiration and so on. Thanks to this integration, the company has cut its management costs in half.

Stripe Custom Integration

Due to the international business nature of the product and its target market, we chose to use Stripe as payment carrier since it allows for facilitated management of taxes and Vat amounts in order to monitor compliance with the European Union’s restrictive intra-EU Vat regulations.

Production Environment Containerization

The platform has been developed and tested within a Docker environment, this gives us the guarantee to build in exactly what will be the production environment, so same system specifications, modules and database engine. In doing so, the time to go online on our servers is really minimal and we can have a staging platform to test all new releases before they go online.

Products documentation retrieved from Github

We have implemented the parse of documentation directly from their online repository, written in MarkDown language and styled according to the approved site design. This has made the process for releasing documentation totally automated and developers can publish it simply through GitHub.

Products Downloads

On the product page it is possible to publish the various product executables available for download, categorizing them by operating system and software. We are implementing build release and availability starting directly from the completion of build testing on Github, so we will also automate another small business process, allowing Inbibo Ltd. to allocate maximum effort in developing new products and improving existing ones.


Create a custom-developed advanced sales platform

  • Strategy

    Attractive design and automation of sales and administrative processes

  • Design

    use corporate colours and create usable videos in the interface to show how easy the software is to use.

  • Client

    Inbibo Ltd

  • Technologies

    Laravel, Tailwind CSS,

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