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Antonio D’Erasmo – Furniture Web Store

L’ e-commerce was developed on Woocommerce, the most popular sales plugin on the WordPress platform, and integrated with the company’s warehouse management systems via a plugin developed in-house by def Studio following the specifications given to us by Sistemi Srl. The plug-in takes care of retrieving the list of products, their photos and verifying their existence in the e-commerce system.

Digital Switchover

The company Antonio D’Erasmo srl, under our consultancy, has started a transition phase to digital by adapting its sales processes to the new methodologies. Warehouse management has also undergone a heavy overhaul to meet the reaction times typical of Web stores.

Continuous warehouse update

he refinement of the products sold characterised a stock often composed of a few, almost unique pieces. The goal achieved was the constant alignment between the stock managed via web and traditional retail.

Neat design

Our development and design team constantly collaborates with the company’s designers to update the graphics according to market trends and design campaigns that the shop undertakes from season to season. This enables an image that is always in tune with the physical showroom located in Bari, creating a unique emotional and design experience.

Content optimisation

In order to make the user experience satisfying during navigation, we implemented a static cache system to reduce loading times by more than 80%, with great benefit also for the load on the network infrastructure, to which database calls have been reduced to practically zero. The system allows for practically instantaneous interactions with the graphic interface, benefiting ease of navigation and site retention.


Dedicated e-commerce/management and development with low quantities per reference.

  • Strategy

    E-commerce design, dedicated plugin development, Continuous Integration.

  • Design

    Design tuned to the style of the physical store, continuous updates based on seasonal promotions.

  • Client

    Antonio D'Erasmo Srl

  • Technologies

    Wordpress, Alpine-Js, Woocommerce

Open Project

Hai una esigenza

Il nostro team sarà disponibile ad ascoltare le esigenze della tua Azienda per elaborare la strategia e offrire la migliore soluzione possibile, su misura per le Te.