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P.A.S.T.4Future – Accessible Tourism App

A web portal to help the otherwise-abled plan their holidays by consulting in advance the size and presence or absence of architectural barriers of accommodation facilities and monuments in Molise, Apulia, Montenegro and Albania.

P.a.s.t.4Future is a project financed within the Interreg – IPA CBC programme that engaged us as a technology partner for the development of a native android app, an institutional website and a backend system for the collection of aggregated data retrieved from the auditors’ reviews of accommodation facilities and monuments to determine measurements and the presence or absence of architectural barriers and the environments hosting tourists.

Accessible & Sustainable Tourism

To create a database for the collection of facility data, but not only that, to allow travellers to assess independently and without doubt or misunderstanding whether the places of interest are suitable for their needs. Overcoming communication limits and simple labels is one of the main objectives of the project.

Also Mobile

A journey is mobility, so the development of an Android Pilot App to be able to retrieve travel information and create personalised itineraries, always according to the principle of the maximum possible information.

Back end Laravel

The data management of the structures was realised with the Laravel framework, with which we managed the access rights of the entire Auditor team and the possibility of translating the content into the various project languages.


Develop a digital platform that can help the differently abled people to independently find relevant information in terms of usability.

  • Strategy

    We have developed an ecosystem capable of managing data from the inspections made by auditors at incoming facilities and points of interest in the area.

  • Design

    Highly contrasting colours and design as simplified as possible to aid understanding and usability for different types of users.

  • Client

    Escoop European Social Cooperative

  • Technologies

    Laravel, Tailwind CSS, Wordpress, Android Nativo

Open Project

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